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As we enter the second wave of this pandemic we want to use this opportunity to lift each other up. Given the events from these past weeks with the Save The Arts movement in Unheard Magazine, as part of the creative sector, we would like to give our support to all the creative businesses out there struggling due to COVID-19. 

This magazine is all about authenticity, inclusivity and finding your place in the fashion industry and every day we are a step closer to making this a path worth considering when it comes to studies. We have always been told that these kind of careers do not open many doors and that it is a difficult path; and it is true, it is not easy, it is competitive and a lot of hard work, but, what in life is easy?

Here in Unheard Magazine we try to give every sector of the industry coverage so young talented creators with hidden potential can see that there is more to it than what people think of fashion.

Young creatives often feel left out when choosing a more creative path for their lives and this needs to change, we want to be a part of that change and we want you to join us make it happen.



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