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It is important that we all support small businesses, specially this time of year. It doesn't matter if they are fashion businesses or not, that is why we have made it a little easier for you and found 10 perfect small businesses that have everything you need this Christmas.

MAS 1 made in Spain

Mas 1 is a small online shop created in Spain. This brand offers personalised bags all handcrafted and they are definitely the perfect accessory for this season. Who says that we can't dress up and use bags just because we are not going out as much as last year? 

LOTTABLOBS made in England

Lottablobs is a business started this year in September and has had a big success since then. These mirrors, all made by the founder, would give colour and personality to anyone's house. It is definitely the perfect gift for an interior design fan.

DEMICANDLES made in England

Candles have been a must-have this past few months, in all colours, scents and shapes. This brand from England have made the nicest candles you could find.

STUDIO EAST HOME made in Spain

Going back to bags, we have found a different kind of bag that can be a great gift for someone who like to go on picnics, to the beach or just the aesthetic of these bags. Every time you use one of these bags you will feel like you are walking around Ibiza.  


For someone who is more interested in illustrations and prints to put around the house, this brand might be what you are looking for. Beautiful prints and cards to decorate and give to someone this Christmas.


CLAIRE RITCHIE made in Australia

When someone complains about getting socks during Christmas it's because they haven't seen these oen. Socks can be a great gift if you know where to look, Claire Ritchie has made sure of that.


AL'S PLACE made in England

It's about mirrors again, but these ones are a one of a kind. This English girl has found the way of combining rugs and mirrors and it has turn out to be a great mix. Rugs don't only go on the floor anymore, they go on the walls as well, so you better hurry up to get one for yourself or someone else.


STUDIO KJP made in Sweden

Towels sound like a boring present to make, but this Swedish brand has changed something like that making towels fun and a great give for a relative or a friend this Christmas.


WRITE TYPER made in England

Who doesn't love stationary? This small business created during lockdown in England has the nicest and cutest desk pads, stickers, mugs and notebooks to get for an obsessed stationary fan.


PEPPER LOVES made in England

Pepper Loves have the perfect candles to send messages to those you love. You can either personalised candles or buy the ones suggested by the brand. Go get yourself a couple of candles, and light them to have a nice and relaxing end of the year.


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