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Alba Miró, a 21 year-old girl with more than 131k followers on her Instagram profile who is not scared of telling the truth about the world of influencers. As someone who started very early in this industry, almost at the same time as social media influencers started, she knows some secrets about how this business works and what goes behind every post. But first of all, how do influencers define themselves? 

Image: Alba Miró for Dior

She thinks an influencer is someone who has an impact on society, an impact about any topic on their followers. The number of followers does not actually dictate who is an influencer or who is not, it has more to do with the engagement that they get with the audience and how they make themselves be heard on the platform as not everyone who has a large number of followers can be considered an influencer. 

Alba started in this industry as a model for small brands, such as Brandy Melville or Double Agent, when she was only 14 years old, so one could say that she has been exposed to the public for quite a bit now and she would be used to this world.


However, it still shocks her when people stops her on the street to ask her for a selfie or just to tell her they admire her and what she does. But, who could possibly get used to something like this? She was a part of the whole “boom” of this social media phenomenon that we call influencers, but she has not let this thought get in her head. 

As she handles getting a degree in Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Journalism while working in an impressive way, it does still take her some hard work to attend work trips and getting all projects for university done. It is not all as beautiful and simple as it seems on her social media profile. 

“My job is not easy, even if it looks like it. It is difficult emotionally, but the fact that I am still studying helps me to keep my head on the ground since university gives me the same responsibilities that any other person of my age has.” She comments as she talks about her career and the opinion that people have about an influencer’s job. 

This girl from Barcelona sees herself as a business in front of brands and advertising agencies that want to work with her. In the end, she does get hired just like models or creative directors do, the only difference is that she does all the work that a whole team would do by a much lower price. From working with small brands to getting invited to Milan Fashion Week to walk for Missoni or getting hired by Dior to be the creative director for one of their campaigns. 

Image: Alba Miró for Nike

The 21 year-old has seen and done more in the fashion industry than most of us would ever do, but, what is her secret? How can she attract so many brands and followers to her social media accounts at such a young age? 

She only works with brands that she likes, she is not looking for money or fame, these just came with the pack. As she talks about how it is for her to work as an individual, by herself, and not with an agency she explains how “I am a mini agency and everything I do is based on the client so, of course, there is always the possibility that they do not like my idea. I am very serious about my style though and if it does not go with my aesthetic I will not do it and brands know this when they hire me, they know what I do.” 

Loyal to her feed and followers she is not easy to please as she does this because she likes it not because she wants the money; this is why she has no problem to turn down big contracts if they do not appeal to her. Not everyone would be able to say no to big amounts of money, but for her, the most important thing is to stay true to herself. 

When it comes to the future, she is not scared about what is to come in the different social media platforms. We ask her about the new regulations on Instagram and how these can change the way influencers work, but her response is simple; 

“My goal is not to have the most likes, I do this because I enjoy it, not because I want to get money out of it so I do not think getting rid of the number of likes will actually affect me. What brands like about me is my way of creating content, not the likes. Brands contact me to spread the word about them, not to get a certain number of like so no, I am not really worried about this; I actually think it will help with mental health as it is going to make people stop comparing each other.”


However, is it possible that this “influencer phenomenon” gets to an end in the near future? Alba does not think so, for her, influencers have always existed as “an influencer does not have to be on social media, there are influencers in all sectors” says a she jokes about Marie Antoinette being an influencer in her time. 

Of course, technologies change and there are new apps being created every day, so it is very possible that Instagram as we know it is going to be gone in a few years, but there are going to be new platforms for influencers to create content. She actually believes that “pictures as we know them are dying and videos are the future generation, therefore new apps like TikTok are being created and influencers and adverts are slowly moving towards these kind of apps”. However, the actual concept of influencers will most definitely not die as there have always been people who influence a community, the so mentioned influencers, in history. 

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