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Designed in Mexico City but shipped from Copenhagen, Havre Studio is the vintage online shop you want to keep up to date with right now. 

Image: Havre Studio

What is Havre Studio and who is behind this brand?

Well, my name is Madeleine and I am 23 years old. I study at Copenhagen Business School and I don’t have a background in fashion but I have always loved vintage and even though I am a one person brand and I am the only one who administrates and runs the business in that manner I would not be able to do it without all the people I work with which they all have a part and do such an amazing job.

Havre Studio is basically everything that is vintage, everything that is worn off and then I tailor everything accordingly, it is 100% sustainable and ethically made. Everyone who makes the clothes are people I have met here and that I know personally now and that I spend time with. We have been able to get them through COVID-19 which has been really bad here and it still is and I think that is why I decided to expand the brand, because they all lost their jobs other than me so I thought ‘maybe if I get some more things through luckly the demand will be there’ and it was.

Why did you decide to start Havre Studio? 

I started it in September last year, it was when I moved to Mexico City with my boyfriend and  our clothes did not arrive in ages, it took so long and we did not have any clothes at all and there were loads of vintage markets here around the area, that is where I began to go. One day I passed a seamstress on my way to the market a few times and one day I bought a man’s suit and ask her if she could crop the jacket and take the trousers in just as an idea. It kind of started like that and then I had some left over material from the blazer and I turned it into a skirt and some of my friends saw it and I opened an Instagram but it was basically just a hobby. 

Where do you ship your clothes from?

Everything is shipped from Copenhagen, I suppose it is because I am still a Danish brand and before COVID I was between Denmark and Mexico; but everything is bought, dry-cleaned and made here and then it is sent to Denmark and then distributed from there.

What has Havre Studio have that no other brand does? What makes the brand so special? 

I think something that makes it special is that we have really managed to make an impact on a lot of people in the way that we have been able, during such a long crisis, to really make a difference in these people’s lives directly and being able to compensate all their lost businesses and more.

Also, we are not just zero waste, we are eliminating waste because everything we sell is something that has already been made and produced loads of years ago, some things date back to the 50s so I think a lot of the items were quite special on themselves even before we tailored them at all.

Image: Havre Studio

Is there a meaning behind the two-piece blazer?

It started with me really liking it but I also like the idea that it was kind of a woman in a man’s suit, I think it makes it a bit more of a power suit I guess. I like the big shoulders, I like the long sleeves and how I kind of tailor them to fit women, specially because a lot of the suits date back to, not that long ago, when we had much fewer rights than we have now. 

Do you think there can be a balance between masculinity and femininity? 

Yes, I think you can be masculine and feminine at the same time, and I also like the fact that everyone who wears the clothes or wear them in different ways, I think that is really nice.

Based, on how fast fashion copies everything, are you afraid that brands like MissGuided or PLT might copy your ideas?

It has already happened, I have already noticed it but I do not really pay attention to it. I have seen a couple times that someone has followed me and then I randomly go on their profile and it is like fast fashion and then a week later they would have blazers and skirts like mine but I do not really care. Obviously at the beginning it was quite frustrating but my brand is so much more than that. No matter, what when you start something there is going to be competition but if I felt threatened by these brands I would not keep doing what I am doing. I do not think people buy from my brand just because they like the design, it is also the uniqueness, the quality, my clothes tell more of a story.

Do you think influencers are beneficial to brands or do you prefer to create your own content?

I have been very fortunate with that because I have worked with some influencers since I started my brand. At the beginning I was very hyped up about it because most of these girls are people that I have followed myself for a long time and I have always liked their style; so them showing interest in my brand has definitely been very positive and they have been really helpful. I have been quarantined since the beginning of COVID so it has been difficult to get content. It is very motivating that both influencers and costumers send and post pictures with my pieces instead of having a selfie of just me in front of a mirror.

Were you expecting to get this big when you first started?

No, not at all. It was just kind of a hobby project, I was not even thinking about starting anything when I began making the clothes.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting or wants to start a brand?

Just get your head down and work, you really need to put in the hours if you want to make it work and in terms of competition, fight to make your brand very special and unique, make sure it has a story that differentiates you from the rest.

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