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We are talking about a girl who, two years ago, did not know how to use a camera; and now, she is taking pictures of people like Jorja Smith or The Vamps. How is it possible that in such a short time a 19 year-old has been able to grow so much professionally and started living everybody’s dream?

Image: Izzy Offer

Izzy Offer has been doing photography for only two years and she has already captivated many people with her work. Currently studying Fashion Photography at university she still has a lot to learn, but for her short time in the industry she has already achieved more than loads of photographers in a long time. For her, it is all about capturing youth culture today and people’s styles, how they decide to express themselves. She started by taking pictures of friends and walking around with a camera but she is now photographing big names like Liam Hodges for his fashion show in London or Billie Eilish.

Is she just lucky to be in the right place at the right time or has she worked her way up in this industry? This girl, who gets inspiration from photographers like Andy Warhol, David LaChapelle or Vivian Maier to name a few, does not think she is any different from other photographers. “It is really difficult to stand out as a photographer because everything has been done already, no matter what you are thinking of doing, there is always someone that would have done it before.” She explains as she talk about how she prefers commercial photography but does not want to loose her own style.


From fashion weeks, to concerts, to street photography, she covers every aspect of this industry while studying about it and making contacts on the way. The 19 year-old photographer has a pretty clear idea of what she wants to do with her future. “Definitely Dazed or i-D would be a dream. I mean Vogue would be pretty cool as well, obviously, but I just love the content from Dazed and i-D and Wonderland as well.” And while she has not achieved that yet, we can be certain that we are going to see a lot more of her work around as there is still loads of people she wishes to photograph and meet like Jimothee Lacoste or Sonny Hall.


At the end we asked her for some advice for beginners and she could not have given us better tips; “I shoot everyday, even if it’s just one or two pictures because I wanna get better. Always think about what you could do better and what you can change to make them better. Message as many people as you can, they don’t have to be famous models or anything like that. Share it, share it on Instagram, on Snapchat, literally anywhere, and at some point someone’s going to see it and ask you to collaborate with them.” She knows what she wants and she is not afraid of chasing it and getting it.


Izzy has grown both, personally and professionally, and to see this evolution taking place in young creatives is the best part of this change we are being a part of. 

Image: Izzy Offer

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