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Image: CarbonLIVE

While COVID-19 has everyone locked in their homes, companies and brands are having to change their way of doing things. Events are one of these things that might change forever after everything that has happened. But how are brands managing this situation? We have talked to the 2019 Stack Awards nominated Carbon on Campus Magazine about their latest announcement, a whole week of online events throughout their social media platforms.


Events like Forces of Fashion Virtual Summit with guests like Lizzo and Anna Winter have been announced these past few months, however, paying over $130 to join an online event is not something everyone can afford. If you do not feel like spending that much money to listen to someone talk, we have found the perfect alternative for you to engage and enjoy during the lockdown.


After a first edition of CarbonLIVE last year with different events where people assisted to beauty makeovers and cocktail evenings the magazine created by young creatives has presented CarbonLIVE Feel Good Festival, this will consist on 6 days of podcasts and masterclasses to entertain us while being at home with nothing to do. With the announcement of the second lockdown last week everyone’s plans changed and brands like Carbon had to find a way to make their ideas work. More and more brands are using social media platforms and other online ways to organise events in order of trying to get as many people involved.


Considering everything that is going on at the moment with the pandemic and the American elections, the CarbonLIVE Feel Good Festival seems to have chosen the most appropriate theme right now. Inviting speaker to talk about fashion, wellness and chatting to an agony uncle about funny anecdotes might be exactly what everyone needs. If you think you like more interactive events, do not worry they have thought about you too; with masterclasses for yoga you can get relaxed in the evening while you make your own mocktail and follow the natural beauty masterclass to learn how to make skincare products by yourself from the comfort and safety of your own house.

If you feel like having a cup of tea while tuning in to a podcast or joining a masterclass to spice up your day a little bit do not forget to go check their website (click on the image above for a direct link) and their Instagram @carbononcampus account where they have just announced an incredible giveaway with prices from brands like L'Oreal, Pretty Little Thing and many more.

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