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From Las Vegas to Barcelona this small jewellery business has been the latest international success in the influencers industry.


Image: TwoJeys

Joan Margarit and Biel Juste, two influencers from Barcelona have revolutionised the jewellery industry with their new brand TwoJeys. Founded a bit more than a year ago, the brand has now introduced its new biodegradable packaging that just adds something more to their sustainable ethos.

While the thought of jewellery having to be expensive to be good is still out in this industry, they are little by little changing this stereotypical idea by introducing unisex, affordable and sustainable collections.

TwoJeys started in the middle of the Palm Springs dessert, while the two influencers took a road trip with their friends. From Las Vegas to Barcelona this idea took off and started to get shaped and became the successful business that it is today.

Looking at how this industry is very divided by feminine jewellery and very manly bracelets, Margarit and Juste have tried to find the balance and have successfully achieved it. The TwoJeys’ collections count with a huge variety of products for all types of costumers; from gold sophisticated chain necklaces to more summery silver rings that have captivated the attention of thousands of people.

Thanks to the large following that the influencer industry gave them it was no surprise when their new brand was a hit within the Gen Z and Millenials.

Image: TwoJeys

But, what makes this brand so special that everything wants to have something from it?

A lot of people might say that is the fact that they started designing and even making the jewellery themselves, some people talk about the way they make jewellery finally feel unisex, and it is in fact all of these small things that have made the TwoJeys to go international and be a success in more than 150 territories.

It was obvious after selling out all their stock during the first week when they launched the brand that this was only going to go up; and they did in fact get more and more fame over the last few months.

When the world was not having the best summer, they found a way to rent an incredible villa by the beach in Costa Brava, a few hours away from Barcelona and invited, by turns, all their closest friends and influencers for a project that had us all wishing we were them. "A Summer Movie x TwoJeys" definitely made the brand get their reach to a much bigger audience by making everyone stay tuned to their stories and leaving their audience feeling like they were a part of it as well. 

Even though TwoJeys is a fairly new brand, one thing is for sure, @twojeys is the jewellery brand to keep in mind when looking for new accessories to spice up plain and simple outfits or upcoming Christmas presents.

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